Strictly Forest

Strictly Forest

door Grethel

A new party concept with a focus on psychedelic forest trance. Together with local soundsystem Fatal Error and friends and the organizer of Psygovio few years ago we want to host a cozy gathering with quality forest music.

The line up consists out of exquisite local talent signed on top notch forest labels such as Vantara Vichitra Records from India, Swedish labels as The Cure Collective and Schlabbaduerst Rekkords, as well as the Berlin based label Quintessence Records.

LINE UP: -Professor Trelawny live (Schlabbaduerst Rekkords) -Alter Fritz live (Quintessence Records) -Helloki dj (Vantara Vichitra Records) -Alpine dj (The Cure Collective) -Ramachandra dj Tickets only available at the entrance, so come early! Before 11pm €7 After 11pm €10

Sound provided by Fatal Error Soundsystem